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Built to Scale: Getting the Three Pillars of Banking Data Right

As your banking product scales, your data architecture becomes increasingly important. Learn how magic can happen when you structure your banking data according to the three pillars.

Canada: An Opportunity That Synctera Was Built For

Expanding operations into Canada is something Synctera has been discussing and working towards since its inception. We're excited to finally bring our Banking as a Service platform to the country.

Heading Up North - Synctera Is Expanding into Canada, Has Received $15M in Strategic Funding

With new strategic funding led by NAventures, we’re excited to expand our operations to serve new FinTechs in the region

Synctera's 2022 Summary: Climbing the FinTech Mountain

In Synctera's 2022 year-end review, our CEO writes about how we've been helping FinTechs and banks partner together while scaling our platform to support over 2 million consumers.

Get Ready: Regulators Will Focus on FinTech <> Sponsor Bank Partnerships in 2023

Regulatory scrutiny of FinTechs isn’t going away. Synctera's CEO, Peter Hazlehurst, talks about his 2023 FinTech prediction about the relationship between FinTechs and their sponsor banks.

How to Create Resilient Banking as a Service Partnerships

FinTechs getting debanked is completely avoidable as long as their relationship with their bank partner is strong. Read our CRO's guide on how FinTechs and banks can both make their BaaS partnership resilient.

How to Stand Up a Card Product with Banking as a Service

Building and launching a debit cards program is difficult and time-consuming. The FinTech must find an issuing bank sponsor, perform the necessary due diligence, and be prepared to provide ongoing oversight to ensure the debit cards program is compliant with all applicable laws.

Navigating FinTech Fraud: How Banks and FinTechs Can Work Together to Prevent Fraudulent Activities

How banks and FinTechs can work together to protect their businesses from fraudulent activities

Top Six Risk Management Responsibilities for FinTechs

While effective risk management requires close coordination between the FinTech and the bank, there are specific responsibilities borne by the FinTech that must also be incorporated. This blog post examines the top six risk management responsibilities for FinTechs when partnering with banks.

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