Synctera for Embedded Banking

Enhance your business by offering banking products to your customers

Synctera provides the technology infrastructure and sponsor bank connection you need to easily embed banking products into your product lineup

Build embedded banking products tailored to your unique customers

Consumers and businesses are increasingly trusting non-banks to provide financial products that deliver a great customer experience and value. Banking services can complement product lines in industries where customers have needs that are not being met by traditional banks.


Health care




Real estate

Supply chain

Wealth management

Create value for your customers through banking

Meet their unique needs

You know your customers best - you have an opportunity to reimagine banking for them by using your deep customer insights to design a banking product tailored to their unique needs.

Offer banking at an attractive price

Price services competitively by marketing to an existing customer base and incurring a low customer acquisition cost.

Boost financial wellness

By offering banking services embedded within your overall user experience, you can help your customers, or even your employees, make smarter, more informed financial choices and take advantage of savings and discounts.

Improve access

Improve access to banking and lending by leveraging your customer data to create new approaches to credit underwriting.

Benefits for your business

Build a stickier product

  • Boost customer satisfaction, customer engagement, and lifetime value

  • Complement other product lines and turn your company into a "one-stop-shop" for your customers

  • Leverage banking data to get a better understanding of your customers' needs

Increase revenue

  • Earn interchange revenue on card swipes, net interest margin on deposits, and interest on lending products

  • Charge subscription, brokerage, transaction, and other fees

Learn more with our Guide to Embedded Banking, which includes a deep-dive into examples, benefits, and how to get started

Why build with Synctera

Enterprise-grade BaaS platform

Our modern platform has the power to process huge transaction volumes fast and the flexibility to support a wide range of banking use cases.

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Safety and security

We're laser focused on security, compliance, and risk management, so your customers - and your brand - stay protected.

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Minimal IT investment

Your team can leverage Synctera's streamlined development experience to guide them through the entire process of building your new banking product.

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Great banking products get built and scaled on Synctera’s end-to-end platform

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