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We’re Synctera. We’re closing the gap between community banks and FinTechs. Empowering you with fast, secure, and scalable partnership banking solutions, we tear down integration complexity and build bridges. We're here to guide all parties from the earliest phases of engagement, through the onboarding process and beyond. We forge strong relationships based on trust.

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Why Synctera?

In today's financial landscape, there's no room for integration delays or hiccups. We streamline the community banking-FinTech partnership, speeding up your time to market so you can compete. Don't drain resources on third parties and outside IT experts—we offer a full range of services to meet all your compliance requirements and new consumer realities.

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Are you a Bank?

To evolve is to survive. Today's community banks are under tremendous pressure to find new forms of revenue and growth. Competing banks are investing a lot to vie for consumer interest. Working with us, you can embrace solutions and build partnerships in a way that doesn't slow down your operations. By integrating better, safer technology, you have a roadmap for growth. Partner to win!

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Are you a FinTech company?

Creating and building is in your DNA. You need a bank as your partner to launch. But to many community banks, building a new relationship with a FinTech is risky and intimidating. We, at Synctera have a job to do to help the banks mitigate these risks. By streamlining the conversation between you, your products and the banks’ needs, we minimize your effort and involvement with regulations, compliance, and banking operations. Benefit from one dashboard to understand your partnership, and one set of APIs to launch innovative services. Partnering will accelerate your time to market.

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Empowering community banks and FinTechs

Thanks to our powerful platform, community banks and FinTechs can develop risk-free, regulatory compliant, and easily integrated partnerships. We help community banks get started with FinTechs, while protecting banking licenses and offering everything a FinTech needs to serve customers effectively.

Protect and reconcile

With a dashboard that streamlines communication between community banks and FinTechs, our platform simplifies regulatory compliance protection—no integration into core banking systems needed. At the same time, we increase your operational efficiency through automated reconciliation with networks and processors. Focus on making money without all the distractions.

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Ledger-as-a-service and data analytics

To provide winning financial services, you need financial integrity. Synctera offers a high-performance ledger-as-a-service that creates full transparency for accounting, reconciliation, and authorizations. It also allows for automated and trustworthy billing between parties and daily insights into your data.

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Security-first, always.

Today's financial institutions require a deep level of trust supported by comprehensive security. Currently adopting SOC2 compliance, we employ the latest solutions to safeguard your data, your integrity, and your clients' peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that your data is fully audited and partitioned and that our system is penetration tested, always running vulnerability scans.

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