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We're bringing community banks
and FinTechs together

One part marketplace. One part Fintech-as-a-Service platform. Synctera gives you everything you need to stand up a successful partnership, freeing up time to focus on what you do best. By streamlining day-to-day reconciliation, regulatory compliance and operational processes, we unlock growth opportunities, increase efficiency, minimize compliance risk and accelerate speed to market.

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Now more than ever, community banks and FinTechs are turning to each other to drive growth

The financial services sector is currently at an inflection point. Consumer expectations are changing rapidly in a digital world. Community banks are facing headwinds on multiple fronts. At the same time, the volume and pace of FinTechs launching into the U.S. market is exploding. Against this backdrop, progressive community banks want in on the FinTech game.

Let us play matchmaker

Great partnerships start with great partners. We were founded on the premise that some community banks and credit unions are actually turning down deals with young FinTechs because the relationships can be too complicated and time-consuming to manage.

Our process begins with an active marketplace of community banks looking to innovate and FinTechs that need a licensed banking partner to launch. Each comes with its own unique set of characteristics, objectives, requirements, constraints and risk profiles. We’ll work with you to explore what’s possible, evaluate your options and identify the right fit for you.


Grow your business and manage risk

We get it. Partnering with FinTechs is an interesting proposition, but you don’t necessarily have the resources to make it a success. By letting us take care of the heavy lifting, we make it easy for community banks and credit unions to get into Banking-as-a-Service, generating new sources of incremental revenue with no upfront costs. We provide the tools to manage risk and operations, while protecting your banking license.


Launch faster with more choice for less

Embedded finance. Digital-only banks. Deposits. Lending. Payments. Money management. It’s all FinTech. The term is quite broad and means different things to different people. To us, a FinTech is a company that is looking to provide financial services to its customers in new and interesting ways, leveraging technology, that replaces or enhances traditional banking services or channels. This includes everything from a new digital bank to a retailer looking to provide a branded card product to its customers and many other flavors in between.

We are

Our platform equips community banks and FinTechs with everything they need from a compliance and operations perspective to offer financial services to end customers.

Choose from a selection of modular features and APIs independently or in tandem with others, depending on your needs, with more features being added every month. Get your partnership up and running in as little as 90 days.

Security-first. Always.

Today's financial institutions require a deep level of trust supported by comprehensive security. Currently adopting SOC2 compliance, we employ the latest solutions to safeguard your data, your integrity, and your clients' peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that your data is fully audited and partitioned and that our system is penetration tested, always running vulnerability scans.