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Bring Your Own Bank: Expanding the Ways Companies Can Leverage the Synctera Platform

Learn about our Bring Your Own Bank (BYOB) model which enables customers to leverage the Synctera Platform while maintaining the flexibility to work with any bank

Bringing Product, Tech, Customers, and Bank Partners (Even) Closer Together - Welcome Ellen Linardi

Announcing new roles for Synctera: Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO) and Chief Banking Officer (CBO)

April Product Update

Learn about the product launches and new functionality from April in this month's product update.

Getting BaaS Right: The Guide to Creating Successful Partnerships

In this guide we break down the six principles for how sponsor banks and non-bank companies need to operate together to form strong and compliant partnerships.

March Product Update

Learn about the product launches and new functionality from March in this month's product update.

Synctera Integrates with Plaid's Core Exchange for Seamless Financial Connectivity and Money Movement

We're excited to announce our integration with Plaid's Core Exchange, enabling seamless financial connectivity for our customers' end-user account holders

(Beyond) Ready to Scale - Extending our Series A Round and Welcoming our New CRO

We're excited to announce an $18.6M extension to our Series A funding, led by our existing investors Lightspeed and Fin Capital. We've also brought on a new CRO to help fuel our next phase of growth.

Introducing SyncteraPay: A Seamless Integration with Any Payment Provider

Introducing SyncteraPay, a new feature that allows our customers to work with any payment provider and have all transaction information centralized and seamlessly integrated into the Synctera Ledger.

Building For Impact - 2023 and Beyond

The theme of 2023 for Synctera was "building for impact". Let's take a look back at some of the product, customer, and growth highlights from the past year.

Making Sense of Reconciliation in Banking

Reconciliation is an integral part of banking, as it helps ensure that you have an accurate record of your customers' transaction and account balance data. In this article we dive into the details of what reconciliation is and how it functions.

Synctera is Live in Canada

We're excited to announce that our platform is live in Canada, allowing us to help unlock financial innovation in how Canadian businesses and consumers manage their money.

Scaling Trust: Bringing Synctera to Canada the Right Way

Compliance plays a pivotal role in ensuring the long-term success of new, innovative banking products in Canada. We built our compliance program in a way where we scale trust within the entire financial ecosystem.

From Entrepreneur To Enabler: Unlocking Innovation in Canada with Synctera

Having been through the process of building a neobank in Canada, I learned about the challenges and opportunities that come with such an endeavor. These learnings helped shape our platform in Canada, helping us unlock financial innovation for companies throughout the country.

Leverage Banking Data to Scale Effectively and Remain Compliant

When offering a banking product to your customers, you'll have access to a wealth of data about how they use your product. The only question is, what to do with all of this information?

Come Build With Us: The Synctera Sandbox Is Now Open in Canada

Today, we’re excited to announce our sandbox environment now allows companies to build and test their Canada-specific banking products!

Welcoming Stearns Bank To The Synctera Community

We're excited to share that Stearns Bank has joined Synctera's community of sponsor banks who help companies of all sizes build great financial products and services.

Changelog: August 2023

A summary of the Banking as a Service product updates we've made over the last month

Your Guide to Embedded Banking

Embedded banking allows non-bank companies to offer banking products to their customers. This guide provides examples, explains the benefits, and dives into how it works to help you better understand this trend.

Building together, with the help of Synctera.AI

Learn more about Synctera.AI, a chatbot that uses an LLM trained on our public developer and functional information. Whether you are wanting to learn more about embedded banking or are building with Synctera, you can ask it specific questions and instantly get helpful responses.

Changelog: July 2023

A summary of the Banking as a Service product updates we've made over the last month

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