Earn revenue share and get Banking as a Service at an attractive price

Our competitive pricing is simple and transparent. Streamlined contracting allows you to get to market quickly - so you can start earning interchange and other types of revenue.

Pricing plan for building and alpha testing

Build and test money movement and debit cards - with real money and a real bank - in our t-minus10 live testing environment

Pricing plans for launching and scaling FinTech apps and embedded banking products in market
Monthly rate per end customer*

Includes the products you need to:

  • Build banking for your customers
  • Let your customers move money
  • Launch a debit card program
  • Manage risk and compliance
Usage-based à la carte

Choose from everything listed under per-customer pricing, plus:

  • Synctera Line of Credit
  • Synctera Smart Charge Card
  • Synctera Wires
The fine print

Synctera also charges an implementation fee, platform fee, and monthly minimum fee.

Already have a vendor for KYC, account verification, or something else? Easily incorporate it into your Synctera solution.

*For commercial card programs, end customer is defined as the cardholder, not the business.

With Synctera, you make money from interchange on your debit card or charge card program
What's interchange revenue?
Read our guide
Interchange revenue share for these plans

When you use Synctera's APIs to issue debit cards or charge cards, you will receive a share of the interchange revenue generated by that card program

The remainder of the interchange revenue helps compensate your bank partner

Note that interchange doesn't have to be your only source of revenue - you may also charge fees directly to your customers or pursue other monetization strategies

What you receive for free

Developer tools

Our guided developer workspace and t-minus10 live testing environment are free for everyone

Synctera Starter Apps are free for clients

Explore in the Synctera Console

Compliance resources

Templates for compliance policies, procedures, and discloses are free for clients

Our Ground Control program for compliance and operational support is free for clients for the first six months

Synctera Anti-Money Laundering is free for clients

Learn more about Risk and Compliance

The Synctera Console

Synctera Insights dashboards and reports give you the data you need to manage your FinTech app or embedded banking product

Synctera Cases for seamless workflow management and easy collaboration

Synctera Reconciliation is free for clients

View in the Synctera Console

Email and chat support

Hands on support via email and Slack

World-class documentation

Comprehensive knowledge base

Easy contracting

One easy contract gets you everything you need to launch a FinTech app or embedded banking product

Synctera APIs

Sourcing these services from individual vendors can be time-consuming and result in multiple implementation fees and minimums

We source a number of our services from best-in-class third parties, and pass the savings we negotiate on to you

Learn more about our platform

Sponsor bank partner

We help you partner with a chartered, regulated sponsor bank to power your customers' bank accounts and money movement

This saves you the time and expense of finding and contracting with a compatible sponsor bank partner

Learn more about our sponsor banks

Compliance and operational support

Our Ground Control program provides banking and compliance operational support so you can get to market fast while meeting compliance requirements

This program is free for the first six months

Learn more about Ground Control

Great banking products get built and scaled on Synctera’s end-to-end platform

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