Synctera for Canada

Build and launch financial products in Canada

We are helping unlock financial innovation in Canada with a platform that provides everything you need to launch innovative FinTech or embedded finance products for businesses and consumers.

Everything you need to build, launch, and scale innovative financial products

Modern platform and APIs

Build financial products tailored to your unique customers with a robust set of APIs. Once live, effectively operate and scale using our Console, case management system, and suite of data and reporting tools.

Agile compliance framework

As a registered MSB in Canada, we've developed a compliance stack tailored to the needs of innovative companies, enabling us and our customers to scale trust across the entire financial ecosystem.

Seamless sponsor bank connection

Launching financial products requires a strong partnership with a regulated bank. Through the Synctera Platform and set of APIs we facilitate a seamless connection with a sponsor bank in Canada.

Build for two markets with one set of APIs

Build products for customers in both the US and Canada. Our platform is purpose built to adhere to the regulations and nuances of these distinct markets, resulting in a simplified process.

Build products that allow your customers to store, move, and spend money in Canada

Customer onboarding

Build an intuitive customer experience for opening accounts and issuing cards, while also ensuring you are staying safe and compliant.


Allow your customers to open accounts with a comprehensive set of features, so you can deliver a banking experience that fits the needs of your unique customers.

Card products

Offer a spend card program to your customers, allowing them to spend on a physical or virtual card that keeps your brand front and center.

Money movement

Enable customers to move money into and out of your banking product utilizing both EFT and Interac money movement capabilities.

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Synctera Ledger

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Great financial products in Canada get built and scaled on Synctera’s end-to-end platform