Synctera for Canada

Synctera is coming to Canada

We are expanding our platform to allow our customers to launch innovative FinTech and embedded banking products in both the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Frequently asked questions

What are you building for the Canadian market?

Synctera is currently working on localizing our end-to-end Banking as a Service platform to enable companies to build and launch FinTech apps and embedded banking products for Canadian retail and business customers. Localizations include:
  • Adding support for Interac transfers, EFT payments, and prepaid cards
  • Sourcing best-in-class providers for certain other services, such as KYC
  • Creating Risk & Compliance resources that align with Canadian regulations

When will Synctera be live in Canada?

We expect that you will be able to launch banking products with Synctera in Canada in Q4 of 2023.

When will the sandbox be ready for API exploration and prototyping?

You will be able to begin testing our Canadian specific APIs in September 2023.

How can I engage with Synctera now?

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