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Your Guide to Embedded Banking

Embedded banking allows non-bank companies to offer banking products to their customers. This guide provides examples, explains the benefits, and dives into how it works to help you better understand this trend.

The Embedded Banking Use Case Guide for Vertical SaaS Providers

For vertical SaaS providers, embedding banking products can help them build a stickier product and increase revenue. This article dives into some of the ways they can integrate banking products into their platform in order to build a better customer experience.

Anatomy of an ACH Transaction: The Guide for FinTechs

ACH transactions happen every day, but how do they work? We break down the anatomy of an ACH transaction to help you understand the role they play in your banking product.

How to Optimize KYC for Your FinTech

Know Your Customer (KYC) is an important part of keeping the financial ecosystem safe and mitigating fraud. In this post, we outline KYC best practices for FinTechs, so you can stay compliant and deliver a great customer experience.

How to Switch Banking as a Service Providers: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are encountering delays or issues with your current Banking as a Service provider or sponsor bank, learn how Synctera makes it easy to switch

9-Step FinTech Compliance Checklist: How to Build a Resilient Risk and Compliance Program Before You Launch

Building a resilient compliance program will set your FinTech product up for success. Our experts have put together a 9-step compliance checklist, giving you a step-by-step guide to building a secure and compliant FinTech product before you launch to your customers.

How Can FinTech Startups Survive the ‘VC Winter’?

“Oh, my sweet summer child,” the old FinTech startup founder said quietly, “what do you know of fear? Fear is for the winter, my little lord, when the snows fall a hundred feet.” 

Friendly Fraud: How Should FinTechs View the Risks?

Trust us - friendly fraud is not friendly at all. Read our best practices on three key areas for how FinTechs can mitigate this risk and protect their partners, brand, and bottom-line.

What is Embedded Finance? An Explainer on the New Way Non-Financial Companies Can Help People

Peter Hazlehurst, CEO, shares his definition of embedded finance and provides a brief history from his POV as a FinTech builder. Read Peter's thoughts about: what embedded finance looks like for big companies, a hypothetical use case for a company you may have heard of, and how to start thinking about embedding financial services.

Ultimate Guide to Lines of Credit

Lines of Credit are an important way today’s consumers can get access to credit to manage expenses, make purchases manageable, and more. FinTechs can also unlock a new revenue stream by offering Lines of Credit to their customers in an increasingly competitive credit-product market.

The FinTech's Guide to Interchange Revenue

What is interchange revenue? What’s the first step to earning revenue from interchange fees? How do I make a card program? We answer these common FinTech questions and show you how to generate revenue from interchange fees by building a card program for your FinTech use case.

FinTech Founders' Guide

Personalized financial services like affinity banking, embedded finance, and more are here to stay. As you’re building your FinTech, this blog will help you think about developing your idea and taking it to market fast.

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