The Synctera Platform

Compliance-forward modern banking infrastructure

The Synctera Platform provides all of the components you need to build banking and payments combined with an intuitive Console to streamline operations and compliance

A complete banking and payments platform to build and scale banking products

Easy integrations into all the tech

Synctera’s APIs provide all of the components needed to build your banking and payments product

Centralize data for your banking product

The Synctera Ledger ingests and stores all end user, account, and transaction data, providing you with the data visibility you need to run your business

Manage operations and compliance workflows

The Synctera Console provides a set of tools and workflows that gives customers and sponsor bank partners complete control and visibility

Synctera APIs

Complete set of configurable banking and payments components, providing all of functionality needed to build a great banking product

End user onboarding (KYC/KYB)
Core banking technology
Card issuance and processing
Payments infrastructure
Fraud and transaction monitoring

Synctera Ledger

Your central source of truth for all banking data. The Synctera Ledger ingests and stores all end user, account and transaction data and seamlessly interfaces with the Synctera Console

Form an effective compliance program
Keep track of every penny
Gain better customer insights
Automated interest calculation, statements, and more

Synctera Console

An intuitive user interface that equips our customers and bank partners with tools to streamline compliance, operations and oversight

End-user and account management

View all end user data and perform key actions, providing you with control and visibility over accounts, cards, end users, and transactions.


Easy-to-navigate case management system that enables seamless communication between you and your sponsor bank.


Comprehensive dashboards and reports with near real-time data for enhanced risk monitoring and financial control.


Automated data matching between the Synctera Ledger, account balances at the bank, and all payment rails to streamline payment operations and ensure data accuracy.

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