Launch and scale with the right sponsor bank partner for you

Synctera connects you with the widest set of potential bank partners - so you can find your perfect match, launch fast, and stay compliant.

Synctera helps you find your perfect match

Want to launch a FinTech or embedded banking product? Getting the right chartered, regulated sponsor bank partner to power your customers' bank accounts and money movement is crucial.

Every sponsor bank is unique

Sponsor banks aren't one-size-fits-all. You need a sponsor bank partner that is compatible with your product vision, target market, and timeline.

Synctera matches you with a sponsor bank partner

With Synctera, avoid the time, hassle, and expense of finding a compatible sponsor bank partner on your own.

Synctera works with a diverse community of banks

Our sponsor bank partners support a wide range of use cases so you can find your perfect match.

Launch fast - with no surprises

Synctera's seamless process and hands-on support help you launch in as little as six weeks from contract signing. Get feedback from potential sponsor banks as you build - so you can be confident that a bank is ready to launch with you.

Get prepped for bank matching

Banks need to perform due diligence on the companies they partner with. We prepare you for this by helping gather the required information, providing templates and memos, and briefing you on frequently asked questions.

Find your perfect bank match

When you're ready, Synctera presents you to all the BaaS-ready banks on our platform. We facilitate meetings with the interested banks, so you can get to know each other.

Onboard and launch

After contracting, Synctera guides you through the onboarding and launch process. We help you complete your API integration; align with your sponsor bank partner on policies, procedures, and disclosures; and complete the final steps to launch.

With Synctera, you'll have a resilient partnership with your sponsor bank

Our full-featured case manager, Synctera Cases, keeps you and your sponsor bank in sync on risk management, compliance, marketing materials, and more.

This allows you and your bank partner to collaborate effectively, at launch and as business and regulatory dynamics evolve.

The Synctera Console gives your sponsor bank partner appropriate oversight over your business. This oversight helps sponsor banks avoid regulatory violations which could force them to shut down their BaaS programs.

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