Taking Ownership of Your Data with Synctera Insights

May 2023

Learn more about Synctera Insights, the data tool that gives you the power over your own data analysis and analytics with user-friendly dashboards and features.


Taking Ownership of Your Data with Synctera Insights

May 2023

Learn more about Synctera Insights, the data tool that gives you the power over your own data analysis and analytics with user-friendly dashboards and features.

Dave Holmes-Kinsella
Head of Data Science

Counting things imprecisely as possible, DHK is responsible for helping Synctera's Data Communities answer the most important questions about what they’re doing with data. You can find Dave swimming in the San Francisco harbor or mentoring at

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? At Synctera, we have a wealth of data and information at our disposal, thanks to the full-featured nature of our product. And we use that data everyday to make our product better — to see how our customers and partners use our features, where they are most successful, and where we could make improvements.

But we’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about how we could offer that data to you, our Data Community, because we know this information could be just as, if not more, valuable to you.

Enter Synctera Insights, our world-class analytics and dashboarding workbench. Before we go any further, you can access Synctera Insights directly at or by clicking on the "Insights" callout in the left navbar on the Synctera Console.

But Synctera Insights is so much more than just a set of graphs and numbers. It’s a powerful dashboard tool that allows you to easily do the analysis you and your company need to succeed. 

A Fully Customizable Experience

We often had customers come to us requesting access to their data, in hopes that they could run their own analysis for management, accounting, profitability, and more. And while we believe every customer should have full access to their data, we also recognize that each of our customers have different needs for their data, and that everyone needs it in a format they can use (which is to say, not flat files or CSV downloads).

With that in mind, Synctera Insights is a fully-customizable platform that can be focused or extended as you see fit. If you’d like to keep it top-level, the Executive Overview is a perfect place to start before digging into the weeds with our Compliance and Operations dashboards, both available from the Insights landing page. Once you’ve got your feet wet, you can build your own dashboards using the aptly-named My Data to focus on whatever you find most important. To find out more about how to do this, check out our learning center.

More than just making data available, Synctera Insights also makes your data digestible. Our dashboards and reports are readable for even an Excel novice, with succinct, clear, and crisp data and Data Dictionaries that make analysis easy.

The Same Data, for Everyone

We know just how easy it is to use Synctera Insights because they are the same dashboards we use ourselves on our product team — and that’s important. 

There’s not a CFO in the world that hasn’t dealt with the problem of dueling spreadsheets. Someone comes in with an analysis of an issue, but based on where they started their work, the numbers are just slightly off from the person next to them, whose numbers are slightly different from the person across the hall. It’s critically important that everyone involved, from CFOs and analysts to product managers and engineers, work from the same starting point.

With Synctera Insights, you can be sure the data, and therefore the answers, will always be the same, and develop with confidence. No matter if you work in our dashboards, or use our Secure File Delivery product to securely export your data into your own warehouse, you’re guaranteed to have a consistent starting point. This provides an experience that’s entirely different from the travails that most people working in analytics experience on a daily basis. 

Engaging Our Communities

We have big plans for how you can use all of this consistent, easy-to-digest information. As we continue to work on Synctera Insights, we want to increase the ability of our Communities to engage with this data.

Our next step is to provide  Community Dashboard support so that your dashboards can be securely shared with members of your organization. From there, we’re also looking at the ability to share these dashboards with other Synctera community members, even outside your organization, with much consideration being paid to how data can be shared synthetically or anonymously, without threats to IP or privacy. 

We are also working on new products and features including:

  • Metrics: Rather than only show row-by-row data, metrics will allow you to pull similar data in the aggregate. Think things like total spend or the number of ACH transactions, and looking at them on a YTD, monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. 
  • Comparative Analytics: This will allow you to compare cohorts of user performance of products, and manage them in ways that make sense to you. The four dimensions we believe are vital are revenue, profitability, risk, and fraud, and we’re looking forward to starting to rolli that out later this year.
  • Finally, we’re excited to soon release “My Data (Demo)”. This new feature will allow  you to use real-but-synthetic information to learn to use the features of our dashboarding product and understand how your data will  tie together. This solves an important starting problem: how do you, a new analyst on our platform, start to learn how to use the features, even when you don’t have enough platform data to work with

As we continue to build out Synctera Insights, and making these products available to you, it will only further increase your freedom and agency to own your own data — just as we all believe you should.

We also look forward to continuing to receive feedback from our customers on these products — and more! Have you used Synctera Insights? Do you have any comments or questions for us on how you can use your data to improve your business? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today for a discussion!

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