Changelog: July 2023

August 2023
Read the latest Changelog to learn about:
  • New fraud/AML controls for credit rail transactions
  • Enhanced CRB monitoring

Changelog: July 2023

August 2023
Read the latest Changelog to learn about:
  • New fraud/AML controls for credit rail transactions
  • Enhanced CRB monitoring
Justin Ramos
Product Marketing Manager

Justin leads Product Marketing, helping the market understand why Synctera is the best platform for building financial products and FinTech apps

Hide JIT funding transaction

FinTechs using the just-in-time (JIT) funding model can choose to see the original transaction in the transaction list instead of the JIT funding internal transfer. This enables users to have a single source of truth for transactions. 

Process ACH file in order for transactions

We have updated our ACH processing to process ACH files by order of transaction value. ACH files are processed from higher value to lower value, and credits are processed before debits to avoid user overdraft situations.

Introducing separate fraud/AML controls for credit rail transactions 

Banks and FinTechs running both debit and credit programs now have the ability to configure fraud rules based on the risk nature difference between debit and credit transactions. 

Added negative news to CRB Monitoring 

We have added the ability to capture negative mentions of Cannabis Related Businesses (CRB) in the news. This enables users of the console to monitor the Cannabis Related Businesses for instances of reputational and operational risks. 

Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) can now be batched

Our automated SAR generation system can now batch Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) daily to streamline the FinCEN filing process.

Updates to Synctera Cards

Improved digital wallet token processing

Fixed various issues processing digital wallet token events from the card network.

Updated card transactions 

Fixed various issues processing transaction events from the card network.

POS data added to the card transactions view

Point-of-sale (POS) data is now displayed in the card transaction view in the Console, giving greater visibility to operations teams on customer transactions. 

Updated card refunds 

Refunds on card transactions are now allowed to bypass card statuses, such as card terminated, that would otherwise block transactions.

Updates to Synctera Insights

Synctera "My Data" Mutability Guide

We have added a Data Mutability Guide to help Secure File Delivery (SFD) recipients understand how to configure their ETL/ELT.

Insights:  References and Samples Program 

We have built a collection of dashboards that showcase data subject areas. The dashboards provide ideal jumping off points for your own analysis.

Case Resolution Example Dashboard 

We built a Case Resolution Overview table, which enables Insights users to see aggregated Case creation and resolution data relevant to them / their entities. This includes Case Creation Volumes (for estimation of future workloads, and trend estimation) and Case Resolution Volumes (for audit / transparency on timing). Users can further explore this data through the Case Resolution Example Dashboard

Customer EOD Account Balance Reporting

We built Customer EOD Account Balance Reporting to give insights platform users analytics around customer End of Day Account Balances.

Interchange Overview Dashboard 

We have added an Interchange Overview Dashboard to provide users with analytics for interchange rate and card spend, sortable by custom date ranges.  

Update to Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) 

We have updated the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) to explain how the various tables in My Data are related to one another.

Case Resolution Analytics Dataset

The Case Resolution Analytics Dataset is a new data product that enables users to analyze case outcomes and performance statistics.

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