Synctera goes live with t-minus10: A new experience to build, test, and launch FinTech and Banking use cases

t-minus10 offers an intuitive “live banking environment,” allowing builders to test their apps with real money in a few hours
Published on
February 23, 2022

Synctera, a platform provider powering the future of FinTech innovation, today goes live with t-minus10: the fastest, most complete way in the industry to build, test, and launch a FinTech application. t-minus10 is an intuitive tool that allows builders to test FinTech products in a real-money “live banking environment” where users can issue cards, create accounts, mimic flow of funds in production and more, without jumping through manual, high-touch obstacles.

A revolutionary new way to build a FinTech app and get to market fast

t-minus10 is a free, guided development experience that helps FinTech developers and entrepreneurs quickly create a banking application on the Synctera platform. With a workspace personalized to each developer’s needs and goals, banking and regulatory guidance woven into launch steps, and the ability to easily connect with a certified bank partner, t-minus10 is an end-to-end solution to launch new FinTech and banking use cases in days vs. years.

“Making a real bank account, having credit, depositing and moving money – all of these aspects are time consuming and require being connected to a bank,” said Peter Hazlehurst, CEO and Co-Founder at Synctera. “We want founders to be able to get their innovative ideas to market as quickly as possible. By pre-matching with a sponsoring bank and streamlining the regulatory process, we hope to facilitate even more incredible FinTechs from idea stage to launch."

“It’s never been faster or cheaper to bring tech products to market, and FinTechs ought to be no different,” said Arvind Srinivasan, Vice President of Product and t-minus10 Lead at Synctera. “We’ve created a set of tools that will allow the next great FinTech idea to get online as quickly as possible. Why build a paper airplane first when you can cast your prototype in aluminum? We’re excited to see how FinTechs use t-minus10 to pivot away from the traditional sandbox concept now that we provide a fully certified, production-ready environment to test real money movement.”

“Lineage Bank is thrilled to partner with this highly efficient team of compliance and technology experts who have done an outstanding job of structuring the t-minus10 program to be conducive to both Lineage Bank and the FinTechs of tomorrow,” said Kevin Herrington, CEO of Lineage Bank. Lineage Bank, a community bank based in Williamson County, Tennessee, is partnering with Synctera on t-minus10’s “live bank environment.”

How t-minus10 helps FinTech builders and innovators

Features and benefits of t-minus10 include:

  • A guided experience helping users through 10 steps to build, test, and launch a FinTech application, including: building out FinTech banking application flows, managing regulatory compliance, and getting prepped for the FinTech’s first bank partnership
  • A personalized workspace that guides users through building, no matter what stage their product is at e.g. prototyping, releasing an minimum viable product (MVP), or providing banking to their existing customer base
  • An intuitive “live bank environment,” where FinTechs can test their app with both real money and a real bank, then flip to production without rewriting code or changing processes
  • Preparation for, and seamless transition into, launching in market with a bank partner

t-minus10 FinTech Launch promotion

At launch, Synctera has nearly 100 developers and entrepreneurs working on t-minus10 to build the next great FinTech application.

To celebrate, Synctera is offering prizes to participants who build using t-minus10. The first three participants to go through t-minus10 and launch their FinTech company with Synctera will receive $10,000 loaded in their FinTech company’s t-minus10 account. Additional details below.*

t-minus10 is available February 23rd, free of charge, to begin testing your FinTech idea as quickly as possible. Sign up now for t-minus10 at, and learn more about Synctera’s goals to unlock human potential through financial innovation at

<div class="about-wrapper content-bottom card-standard"> About Synctera: Synctera is powering the future of FinTech. Its end-to-end platform and guided, personalized experiences help FinTech builders create world-class products with embedded banking, card issuance, and more. Synctera’s unique programs enable transparent, efficient partnerships between compatible FinTech builders and community banks, whether a FinTech builder is looking to quickly launch an MVP or scale a fully fledged offering. Everyone wins - FinTech builders create, launch, and scale great products, fast, and community banks access new revenue streams and markets. Launched in 2020, the company was co-founded by CEO Peter Hazlehurst, former head of Uber Money, head of Google Wallet and CPO at Yodlee, as well as CTO Kris Hansen, and Head of Product Dominik Weisserth. </div>

*Promotion details:VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. The first three (3) participants who go through t-minus10 and launch the company with a sponsor bank either via Liftoff or Synctera’s direct matching, will receive $10,000 loaded in their FinTech company’s t-minus10 account. Total value of all prizes in this promotion is $30,000. The promotion will begin on February 23, 2022 and ends on the earlier of: (i) August 23, 2022 or (ii) when the third participant goes through t-minus10 and launches the FinTech Company either via Liftoff or direct matching. To enter, participants must have a registered t-minus10 account during the promotion period. Must be a legal resident of the US (excluding Puerto Rico), age 18 or older. Promotion is subject to the complete Official Rules available at

<div class="rt-btn-wrap"><a href="" class="button yellow w-button">Start building with t-minus10</a></div>

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