Synctera named to’s 2023 “Best Companies for Women to Advance” list

Published on
May 17, 2023

-- Stella Monteiro, Chief People Officer

Diversity has always been part of our culture at Synctera, and as we enter a tremendous period of growth, Diversity and Inclusion become a guiding principle for us.

Our business model is to bring banks and companies together to serve customers from different locations who have different backgrounds, goals and unique personal experiences. To be a strong competitor in this space we’re in, our leadership knows how important it is to bring as many different perspectives together as possible. 

The only way to do that is to make sure that everyone has the same access to opportunities and to make an impact here at Synctera. 

With that in mind, we’re extremely proud and excited to share that Synctera has been named to’s 2023 “Best Companies for Women to Advance” list.

Here are some of the policies and practices that the companies (including Synctera) on this year’s list had in common:

  • Focusing on recruiting women into all job bands to maintain a balanced pipeline (100%) Leveraging a formal pay equity plan to identify and correct pay gaps (86%) 
  • Offering flexible working arrangements (95%) 
  • Offering equal family leave to both men and women (81%), and encouraging men to take their full family leave (98%) 
  • Regularly measuring and reporting on gender representation and equity to the Executive Team (86%)

You can download and review’s 2023 key findings report here.

Our work isn’t done yet, this is a journey that we’ve embraced. Every area of our business will benefit from bringing in the best and brightest people from all walks of life. With this inclusive approach, the rest will take care of itself.

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More about Parity.Org 

Parity.Org is the leading impact organization increasing representation of women and people of color in organizational leadership, where the gap is the widest.  We take a pragmatic and research-based approach, offering a range of proven best practices and industry-leading tools for not only reaching—but sustaining—diversity in leadership. Learn more at Parity.Org and follow us on LinkedIn.

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