Synctera launches first community bank with FinTech partner

The FinTech banking solution achieves new milestone by matching Lineage Bank with FinTech-meets-HealthTech platform GoGetr
Published on
February 14, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (February 14, 2022)---Synctera, a new solution for partnership banking at scale, today announced its first launch between Lineage Bank and GoGetr using Synctera’s platform.

Synctera provides the platform, experiences, and programs for FinTech builders to create world-class products and facilitates transparent, efficient partnerships between compatible FinTech builders and community banks. Everyone wins – FinTech builders launch great products, fast, and community banks access new revenue streams and markets.

Synctera’s new partners in their Bank Match program include:

  • Lineage Bank, a community bank based in Franklin, Tennessee, with plans to build out technology features for local businesses and customers.
  • GoGetr is creating a wellness wave with a savings app by bringing health and wealth aspects of daily life together in a holistic way – FinTech meets HealthTech.

CEO and Founder of GoGetr, Sachin Piplani, and CEO and President of Lineage Bank, Kevin Herrington, are working closely with Synctera’s CEO, Peter Hazlehurst, to deliver better financial products, substantially improve people's lives, and make an impact.

“I am so proud to be working with both Kevin and Sachin,” said Peter Hazlehurst, Synctera CEO. “Most banks and FinTechs I’ve worked with have incredible ideas for changing the world, but have a tough time getting connected with one another to start them. This news is a great first step for Synctera and our partners and, ultimately, one I know will help people enter the financial ecosystem more easily than ever before.”  

“GoGetr is solving the universal wish – What is a good life? A happy life? – by combining health, wealth and happiness systems as whole and not a collection of parts,” said Sachin Piplani, GoGetr Founder and CEO. “We’re utilizing a savings app to deliver these wellness aspects into our users’ daily lives. With ‘YOU, HEALTHY, WEALTHY’ being our mission, you will see GoGetr scaling more financial products but always with holistic wellness in mind.”

The latest partnership aims to focus on the importance of relationships with customers and providing them with the most useful, hassle-free experience possible.

“Most banks focus on selling products, but we focus on building relationships,” said Kevin Herrington, Lineage Bank President and CEO. “At Lineage, we’re focusing on bringing technology to the individuals, families, and businesses we serve, and we’re delighted that GoGetr shares our mission. We’re excited to see the great things to come from this partnership and look forward to finding new ways to better serve our customers.”

Synctera prides itself on ensuring that each partnership is a compatible match and that the parties align.  The company works with national banking partners who serve customers across the country, demonstrate strong leadership, and have a strong desire for growth. All banks are currently based in the United States, but Synctera intends to expand internationally in the next year.

Community partner banks and FinTechs are encouraged to reach out via Synctera’s website to learn more about how to work together. For more information, please visit

<div class="about-wrapper content-bottom card-standard">ABOUT SYNCTERA Synctera is powering the future of FinTech. Its end-to-end platform and guided, personalized experiences help FinTech builders create world-class products with embedded banking, card issuance, and more. Synctera’s unique programs enable transparent, efficient partnerships between compatible FinTech builders and community banks, whether a FinTech builder is looking to quickly launch an MVP or scale a fully fledged offering. Everyone wins –- FinTech builders create, launch, and scale great products, fast, and community banks access new revenue streams and markets. Launched in 2020, the company was co-founded by CEO Peter Hazlehurst, former head of Uber Money, head of Google Wallet and CPO at Yodlee, as well as CTO Kris Hansen, and Head of Product, Dominik Weisserth.</div>

<div class="about-wrapper content-bottom card-standard">ABOUT GOGETR FinTech meets Healthtech, GoGetr is a Savings app that’s all about YOU, HEALTHY, WEALTHY! GoGetr eliminates all friction between its users and saving money, while bringing health and wealth wellness aspects into their daily lives in a unique and holistic way. Get Rich Without Tryin’ and join the GoGetr waitlist at</div>

<div class="about-wrapper content-bottom card-standard">ABOUT LINEAGE BANK Lineage Bank is a multi-branch community bank located in Franklin, Tennessee. The bank’s focus is serving the banking needs of Williamson County, Carroll County, and the surrounding communities. Lineage Bank is part of the Lineage Financial Network, a bank holding company that empowers community banks with the technology and local customer focus to create a unique banking experience for account holders. Lineage Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and Member FDIC. Additional information about Lineage and its full line of products and services can be found at</div>

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