Synctera helps launch a first-of-its-kind pet rewards debit card

Synctera powered the banking back-end, compliance, and integration process for Sincere to help streamline the company’s rewards card for U.S.-based pet parents
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Synctera, a leading FinTech banking provider helping innovators build their own FinTechs more efficiently, has partnered with Sincere, a pet-focused financial services technology provider that seeks to reward pet parents. Synctera provided Sincere with banking integration support to efficiently build and launch Sincere’s first product, a cashback debit card.

Synctera opened its platform to FinTech builders in early 2022, providing FinTechs with a developer toolkit, platform, and connections to bank partners, successfully unlocking quick and compliant paths to market for anyone. Synctera’s platform and programs provide partners with core, payments, compliance and fraud services and connect FinTechs with banking partners that align with their goals and offerings.

“We are powering the next wave of innovation in the financial technology space,” said Peter Hazlehurst, co-founder and CEO of Synctera. “Our goal is to provide FinTech builders with the tools they need to be successful, ensuring they have the resources available to launch a viable product and eliminating the roadblocks that commonly delay or entirely halt worthwhile ideas.”

The Sincere debit card provides pet parents with cash back on purchases for their pets at thousands of retail and online stores and veterinarians' offices. The cardholder may also use those cash back rewards to provide meals to help feed animals in shelters. Sincere’s offerings include a mobile app, which is available in the Apple App Store and soon on Google Play, with a virtual card and a unique physical card that can be customized to include a photo of a member's furry companion. Synctera facilitated Sincere’s partnership with its banking services provider, Lineage Bank.

“We are excited to launch a debit card with meaningful benefits and rewards that cater to our rapidly growing community of pet parents,” said Robert Yau, founder of Sincere. “We know how passionate pet parents are about their relationship with their pet and know that love can produce real benefits. With the help of Synctera, we were able to connect with the right banking partner and access the tools and extensive financial industry experience to launch a product that serves our members’ needs.”

“Over 70 percent of the U.S. population has a pet in the home, meaning the potential demand for a rewards solution like Sincere offers is tremendous,” added Hazlehurst. “Their cash rewards and philanthropic-orientation make their offering really attractive to pet parents, and our team is thrilled to partner in Sincere’s launch and growth, providing insight and support throughout the entire development process.”

Sincere has a 22,000-member waiting list and is currently unlocking full access to an initial group of users. They will continue to add users to the app, with full public access expected before the end of the year. More information is available at

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<div class="about-wrapper content-bottom card-standard"> About Sincere Sincere is dedicated to creating a financial ecosystem for today’s pet parents. With a focus to serve their member’s unique financial demands while also allowing members to help feed animals in shelters with their everyday purchases. Additional details are available at</div>

<div class="about-wrapper content-bottom card-standard"> About Synctera Launched in 2020, Synctera is powering the future of FinTech. Its end-to-end platform and guided, personalized experiences help FinTech builders create world-class products with embedded banking, card issuance, and more. Synctera’s unique programs enable transparent, efficient partnerships between compatible FinTech builders and community banks, whether a FinTech builder is looking to quickly launch an MVP or scale a fully fledged offering. Everyone wins - FinTech builders create, launch, and scale great products, fast, and community banks access new revenue streams and markets. For more information, visit </div>

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