As a critical step in the customer onboarding journey, you need to stay on top of KYC compliance requirements. KYC-as-a-Service offers a simple, turnkey approach to KYC compliance for FinTechs, seamlessly executing KYC checks and automating manual, time-consuming processes.

The challenge

For many FinTechs, the lack of automation is a top KYC concern. The cost of KYC compliance is on the rise, as outdated KYC systems, limited compliance resources and highly manual, time-consuming application reviews slow down the onboarding process. A lack of visibility into the current status and other gaps in the KYC process may lead to fraud risk and potential fines. And finding modern KYC suppliers and managing multiple contracts can be complex, time-consuming and costly.

Platform KYC Challenge


Purpose built for you

It’s ideal for FinTechs of all sizes and pre-configured specifically for the needs of community banks.

Faster, easier KYC compliance

Offload and automate the compliance burden to accelerate customer onboarding.

Increase visibility

Understand KYC operations in real time.

Deliver outstanding customer experiences

Remove friction associated with KYC processes.

Rationalize contracts

Eliminate the need for multiple contracts with KYC vendors.

Accelerate time to market

Our lightweight implementation gets you up and running quickly with no integration required.

Peace of mind

Partner with FinTechs while minimizing risk exposure.

Revenue share options

Our innovative business model offers a new revenue stream for community banks.


Identity verification

Verify the identity of a customer using 400+ data sources.

Synthetic identity protection

Identify and protect against the use of fake identities.

Document verification

Identify and protect against the use of fake identities.

Risk Scoring

Provide a risk score for each customer based on email, phone and address.

AML Watchlist Standard

Includes a specifically relevant list for your situation, update notifications and customizable thresholds.

AML Watchlist Plus

An optional add-on for Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) screening, sanction list screening and expanded global coverage.

Transaction monitoring

Monitor outgoing transactions and specific incoming transactions for KYC compliance.

Alert list

Notify specific individuals when a key action occurs.

Reason codes

View a detailed explanation for why a KYC check was flagged.

API call

Each KYC inquiry is executed by an API call.

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